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By May 27, 2014No Comments

With technology becoming more and more portable, businesses are facing a much greater demand on their infrastructure than ever before. The growth of wireless connectivity has seen many businesses struggle to maintain reliable wireless networks and setups.

We have tested many wireless solutions over the last 20 years. It’s always been a bit of a compromise between easy access and constant reliability.

We have recently been testing this new device from Ubiquiti Networks and the coverage, penetration and reliability have just been outstanding. We have now begun installing this product exclusively with any of our clients that require a wireless solution.


The product is the Ubiquiti UniFi. It is a revolutionary powerful Wireless(Wi-fi) system that gives great coverage at an affordable price. White in colour it is an easily mounted device that can be placed on the ceiling or wall. It looks a bit like a smoke detector and is not conspicuous at all. A single unit has coverage range of more than 100 metres and offers speeds of up to 300mbps. It will also allow more than 100 simultaneous connections.

In a retail environment (coffee shop, motel, medical practice), it can be deployed with inbuilt wi-fi hot spot functionality.

To say we’re impressed is an understatement. If you need better, more reliable wireless in your office (or home), why not get in touch and see if one of these units might help.

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