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The New Operating System Hopes to Optimise the Online World for Small Businesses

The release of a new operating system can always be nerve wracking for Microsoft and users alike. Some OS’s become so well-loved that they stand the test of time (Windows XP), while others are mediocre or, worse yet, become running jokes in the tech community.

While the average user has too much to gain with a new OS, potential losses are magnified when a small-business begins looking into a new OS.

Windows 10, however, is unlike any OS that has come before. Simply put, Microsoft Windows 10 small business focus is a godsend for many small business owners.

The fact is that what is new isn’t always better, but in the case of Windows 10, we do in fact have a superior product that improves upon its predecessor in a variety of ways. Let’s examine some of those improvements, and exactly how small businesses can take advantage of the Windows 10 small business features.


The world is a scary place, and has only gotten scarier since the introduction of globe-spanning viruses. The WannaCry ransomware attack affected over 300,000 computers just last May.

Even more recently, the Petya hack affected banks and government services, effectively shutting whole areas down in certain parts of the world. What’s more troubling is that the move is appearing to be more than a mere ransomware attack (where the goal is to sell the stolen data back to the victims). But instead, it seems to be a targeted attack.

Whatever the motives are, the point is that small business cyber security should be a huge focus of small business owners. And one of the best ways to make sure that your company is prepared for such intrusions is by updating your systems.

One of the ways that certain viruses and other attacks are able to penetrate systems is through loopholes in older OSs; loopholes that Microsoft Windows 10 cybersecurity have fixed.

Ransomware and virus not only costs you money in order to retrieve your data, but also profit via shutdowns and the resulting IT crisis. So Windows 10 is a low-cost way to protect your data and your users.

And just because you run a smaller company doesn’t mean that you’re safe. In fact, in the healthcare industry, for example, smaller companies are targeted precisely due to their size and the belief that the cybersecurity won’t be as comprehensive.

Don’t make that mistake, take advantage of Windows 10 built-in security options and save yourself time, money and a headache.


Between Office 365 and being able to adapt to the newest technology available, small businesses cutting costs will have an easier time of it on Windows 10, where they will have the full range of updated Microsoft suite offerings to help them keep their business running in tip-top shape.

Thanks to the cloud storage available in OneDrive, Sharepoint Online, and Outlook, and a whole slew of other features that are there to help streamline and optimise your business, you won’t want to miss out. The best way to take advantage of all these features is through the Windows 10 OS, which will not only be a better platform for the services, but also be the OS that Office 365 completely integrates with.


One of the biggest issues when it comes to an OS is the user interface, the user-OS interaction, and overall functionality of the OS. Windows 10 has a very fluid, organic user interface, including a fully customisable features, like the classic Start Menu.

This makes navigating the OS easier, but also fixing any accessibility problems and tailoring it to your preferences. This will combine to make your business processes streamlined and efficient, saving you money, time and IT headaches.

The fact is that the more user-friendly the OS is, the better for your company’s speed and output quality. And Microsoft Windows 10’s business-oriented features, especially those of Windows 10 Pro, alongside its gentle learning curve, simple rollout, and management make switching a no-brainer.

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