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There are generally 3 types of wifi experiences. Great, poor or somewhere in between. This is contributed by the model, brand and location of your router.

If your experience is poor, or could be improved, it is time to have a look at the location if your router and see if you need a booster or better wireless access point. Below are some steps we recommend taking to see what should be done.

Step 1: Check for dead or weak spots

Grab a couple of devices and run some speed test around the building/house. Different devices can get different speeds. We recommend to run the test. Start closest to your router and slowly move away, checking all areas.

Step 2: Change Frequencies

Most routers now broadcast in 2.4 GHz and 5GHz. 5GHZ will provide greater speeds but will generally not penetrate walls as well as 2.4GHz. 5GHz also has less interference. If your router supports both frequencies, you can select between both networks on your device. Each device will be setup with a different name, but most will be determined by the name which may have 5GHZ or 2.4GHZ in them.

Step 3: Location

Make sure your router is in a central location to the building/house. Make sure there are no interfering devices around, such as fridges and microwaves. Make sure the router is as close to the centre of the building/house to ensure a even spread of the WiFi.

Step 4: Wireless access points

Some modems will only support 5-10 devices. Once you have phones, laptops and TVs connected, this will not take long to reach. When all devices are on and working, this will exceed the devices support and it can start to struggle.

Some devices, such as Unifi access points, will support over 100 devices. Check with us to see what we can supply to handle more devices.

There’s more information below on the various types of Wi-Fi access points and systems that we have available.


QCS Group stock Unifi products for homes and business. Multiple access points can be installed to create a single wireless network around the office and home. We can also organise relocating routers and have data cablers in house to complete any moves and changes needed.



AmpliFi’s multi-radio Wi-Fi system eliminates dead spots utilizing mesh point technology to provide premium, ubiquitous Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home.

The AmpliFi HD (High Density) System includes a router base station and two wireless super mesh points for maximum Wi-Fi coverage throughout your home.

The HD Kit provides maximum wireless performance in an innovative and elegant design.

The router includes a smart LCD screen and the mesh points display wireless signal performance.

The UniFi Enterprise System delivers a breakthrough combination of performance, reliability, and scalability with top performance/price value. Intuitive management software featuring a graphical user interface is bundled with the UniFi hardware at no extra cost – no licensing fees or support costs.

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