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Whether we’re at home, at work or on the move, we keep finding new ways to use more and more data. For mobile and home connections, options are fairly straight-forward but for our businesses, the solutions are not always so obvious. This is in part caused by the cost, although in many instances, QCS Group can deliver a Business Grade Symmetric Ethernet service from as little as $8.40 per day.

The reality of cost and availability is still a big issue in Australia even as the NBN rolls out. So it is important that we put the right controls in place and consider options such as cheaper, lower grade connections for web browsing and higher quality connections for Private Network traffic, voice and other business critical applications.

The solutions you will need over the next few years will depend on your location in terms of which of the following connections are available:

  • Ethernet over Copper
  • Ethernet over Fibre
  • Wireless networks
  • NBN fibre to the node
  • NBN fibre to your office
  • Satellite technologies


Other than location the decision will depend greatly on how much of your technology is in the office versus how much is in the cloud. It will also depend on where the majority of your staff are. It?s crucial to consider how many are in head office, a branch office accessing data and systems in the head office or on the road.

The most common connections today are ADSL and Ethernet over Copper or Fibre. Our Ethernet product delivers symmetric speeds, allowing implementation of cloud and voice services, as well as effective Private Networks across multiple locations. As demands increase, fibre and copper Ethernet solutions will become more accessible in terms of price and availability.

The rollout of the NBN means that more affordable services will be available to many locations in the next few years. However, it?s important to note that NBN is, by its own definition, a residential type product rather than a Business Grade service.

You should factor in the monthly cost of a few hours of non-productive time to help establish the right budget for your broadband connections. There is also the consideration of security. Perhaps your data should be on a private network or encrypted before it leaves your control.

If you are less than confident in the efficiency of your wide area network or internet connections please contact us for advice. Getting the right connection put in place could save you thousands of dollars in direct costs or offer benefits in improved productivity.


Stuart Auld

Stuart Auld is a Director and Partner in QCS Group. He has 20 years experience in the IT and Communications fields. Passionate about gadgets and tech (and motorcycles and travel)

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