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Sharpen Your Competitive Edge With Managed IT Cloud Services

By August 16, 2017 No Comments

Over the past few years, cloud computing has grown into a quintessential tool for businesses with the help of managed IT cloud services. The versatility and convenience cloud computing offers is only surpassed by the massive savings. However, many companies still haven’t made the switch to the cloud and enterprise usage of cloud technology is surprisingly low.

One reason for their reluctant to change is the hassle involved in transferring huge blocks of megadata to a new server. But the main reason is because they have already spent a small fortune setting up in-house servers with a complicated infrastructure. All of the hardware and software would go to waste if the company later decided to adopt a cloud solution. Unfortunately, the equipment will go to waste anyway. The company will either outgrow the system or be forced to downsize. A cloud system is completely scalable and never becomes obsolete.

Another advantage is the speed of the cloud. A typical analysis task can tie up your IT team and your data center resources for several weeks, whereas the same task could be completed in the cloud within less than a day.

Make the Move to the Cloud

Once you decide it is time to move into the cloud, the big questions are which provider to choose and whether to manage the system yourself or opt for managed IT cloud services. The majority of cloud service providers have recently moved to the cloud themselves. They are still at the learning stages of what cloud computing really means. QCS Group was born in the cloud. We know it inside and out and have perfected every aspect of cloud computing.

Free Up Critical IT Resources

You need a fine-tuned network to keep every member of your team in the loop. Businesses with more than one location waste a lot of time managing, prioritising and authorising all of the various streams of information flowing in and out. It’s vital to optimise your IT infrastructure to allow your team to focus on strategies to increase business growth. This creates a vicious circle — the more your IT manager has to worry about fine-tuning and optimising the system while still managing the team, the more stress is added to an already overworked IT manager.

QCS Group understands the need for network visibility, enterprise-level security, reliability and control. With managed IT cloud services, you get the experience and expertise you need to securely manage and monitor your network with maximum network performance and visibility. You can effectively and efficiently reduce your expenses and the complexity of your IT infrastructure. A managed IT cloud service provider also takes a load of stress off your IT manager, which will put your mind at ease. When you know you have a competent team that is not stressed or overworked, you have the time and peace of mind to focus on what really matters: the growth and stability of your company.

Get Ahead of the Competition

Trusting your IT infrastructure to the cloud gives your company a competitive edge, and the right cloud partner makes all the difference. You need a cloud partner that:

  • Was born in the cloud.
  • Is experienced in managed IT cloud services.
  • Streamlines the flow of information to keep your team on track.
  • Consolidates cloud solutions into a cooperative system designed specifically for your business.

QCS Group understands how important cloud solutions are to your business strategy. As a cloud-first managed IT service provider, we help you from implement and connect the technologies you need to truly maximise your business value and keep you ahead of the competition. Learn more about how QCS Group’s cloud consulting services can help your business.

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