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Warning: Domain name scam

By February 20, 2014September 5th, 2014No Comments

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We’ve recently become aware of yet another Domain Registration scam, currently in operation from the “Domain Register Pty Ltd” (ABN: 127506807). The company is registered in WA despite listing a Melbourne office address.

This scam is similar to previous scams of the same type and it’s likely to be operated by the same group.
This group is sending out invoices for payment of domain registration for a .com version of their domains. The invoice format can mislead customers into paying the registration fee of $249 AUD for 2 years of the .com domain equivalent of their license. The invoice actually says that the .com version is available, which is true, thereby making it difficult to prove dishonesty.

QCS Group are warning our customers against registering the .com domain equivalents with Domain Register Pty Ltd. The .com domain listed is not owned by you but it MAY be available to register if you require it. Additionally, the charges per registration are disproportionately high compared to our pricing. If you feel that a .com domain would be useful to your business, please contact us to check availability.

A copy of the paper invoice sent to customers can be seen below:

Sample Scam Email
Please click on the image for a larger view.

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