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QCS Group would like to advise that there is a large Ransomware outbreak occurring in Australia right now. The culprits are pretending to be the AFP (Australian Federal Police) and will most likely send emails purporting to be a traffic infringement or some other police notice.

Please be careful with opening such emails as the AFP do not send these types of emails. If you require confirmation of the email’s authenticity, please contact the AFP directly.

If you happen to open the link contained within these emails and you are directed to the website, DO NOT enter the captcha codes in the box which supposed will allow you to download your infringement notice.

For Trend Micro users please ensure that you have the following settings:
– Make sure web reputation is on.
– You must have IP reputation on at least QIL (Quick IP List) level 2


Please refer to Trend Micro’s support page for assistance in setting up Trend Micro.

Alternatively, please call QCS Group on 1300 858 723 if you require any assistance with regards to the above (standard labour rates apply).

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