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QCS Barracuda Spam Filter

The Barracuda Spam Filter manages all inbound and outbound email traffic to protect organisations from email-borne threats and data leaks. As a complete email management solution, organisations can encrypt messages and leverage the cloud to spool email if mail servers become unavailable.

Virus and malware attacks are becoming more complex and sophisticated and as a result, email infrastructure requires advanced virus protection. The Barracuda Spam Filter will even protect your network against a Denial of Service Attack.

Protection against email-borne threats

Secure inbound email traffic against email-borne threats. When you’re using the Barracuda Spam Filter, you’re protected against inbound malware, Spam, phishing, and Denial of Service attacks. This ensures that business productivity isn’t impacted by attacks through the email system.

Stop threats BEFORE they hit your network

The Barracuda Spam Filter is integrated with a cloud-based service that pre-filters email before delivery to the network, ensuring that threats never actually reach the network perimeter. It performs further inbound security checks and outbound filtering, keeping your business better protected than ever before.

Ensure continuous email availability

Ensure that email is available even when mail servers fail. Because email is a critical vehicle by which today's businesses operate, a failure of the email server can significantly limit business operations. With the Cloud Protection Layer, bundled free of charge with the Barracuda Spam Filter, email is spooled for up to 96 hours, with an option to re-direct traffic to a secondary server.

Protect sensitive data

Our powerful encryption technology ensures sensitive data cannot be viewed by outside parties. Outbound filtering and quarantine capabilities ensure that every outbound email complies with corporate DLP policies.

Manage your own Spam

and Virus Filter

Our easy to use interface allows you to monitor and manage the email activity on your domain. See at a glance how many emails have been discarded, how many have been quarantined and instantly see if there is a virus problem within your network.
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