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Domain Name Eligibility changes for .au domains

Starting in April 2021, the eligibility of .au domain names will change.  Most of the rules are broadly the same as they currently are, however, some domain names may be affected so it’s important to understand what the changes are so you can be better prepared.

The new .au Licensing Rules

What’s changing

Prior to April 12, 2021, nothing changes until your existing domain expires on or after April 12, 2021, however if you purchase a new domain, or renew an existing .au domain on or after April 12th, the new rules will be in effect.

The rule changes for and domains largely affect domains that are based on a Trade Mark.
The rule changes for domains largely affect domains that use an abbreviation, or where the Organization is NOT a Not For Profit Organization.

It’s very important that you understand if/how your domain name may be affected by the changes, so you can take appropriate actions prior to the expiry of the domain.  Failure to do may affect the ability to register or renew your domain name.

Please contact the AuDA directly if you are unsure whether your domain will be affected as they are the body in Australia that manage the .au domain space and implement the rules. They are better placed to provide more accurate information.

More information can be found at the following links.

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