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Cisco today are warning of a new ransomware email doing the rounds.
Click here for the full Cisco article. As this is a link to Cisco’s website, please be patient as this page may be slow in loading.

This one looks very authentic and offers users the opportunity to “Upgrade to Windows 10 for free”.

It looks very convincing and is obviously intended to lure unsuspecting recipients into clicking a malicious link. It’s especially compelling because many people are waiting for the Windows 10 upgrade. Don’t be fooled.

Please make sure all your staff and colleagues are aware of this threat and don’t click on any suspicious emails.

Many of our clients have chosen to implement our Barracuda Spam and Virus Firewall, which is preventing these emails from reaching their network in the first place. But the safest thing to do is NOT click on any suspicious emails.

Check out the Barracuda firewall. It’s a good investment. Plans start from only $14 per month.


Stuart Auld

Stuart Auld is a Director and Partner in QCS Group. He has 20 years experience in the IT and Communications fields. Passionate about gadgets and tech (and motorcycles and travel)

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