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How to Bring Small and Medium Businesses into the Future

Small and medium businesses (SMB) are the foundations upon which modern economies are built. While big companies are great, smaller companies in Australia. (less than 100 employees) account for the majority of sales in the country with a 54% share. The 28 million small businesses in Australia also provide 55% of all jobs and 66% of all net new jobs since the 1970s. With that in mind, it’s crucial not only for your business but for the economy that their tech stays up to date. When looking at SMB IT, there are a few things that small and medium business owners should know.

We’ll go through some of the more important SMB IT needs.

Don’t be afraid of help

Hiring on new IT workers can be a pain, both in terms of finding the right candidate and ensuring that they’re a great fit for your company and that they will be worth the investment. After all, IT experts don’t come cheap. Which makes alternatives like IT automation and IT managed services all the more attractive.

Essentially, outsourcing your IT needs to a firm that doesn’t need to be on-site (and therefore won’t cost the same price as adding another person to your IT team). They certified professionals would be available to handle an IT problem when needed, without draining your coffers.

Sure, this option is not for every SMB owner. Some may prefer to have a live human being focused on their IT needs at all times. But there are many managed IT service providers out there that can not only get the job done, but possibly for a fraction of the price.

If you’re not opposed to working with off-site IT organisers, are willing to do research on the best managed IT services firm, and know what your IT demands will be going forward, then this may be a great option to keep your SMB running in tip-top form while you focus on your business.

Keeping things secure

There is no greater IT threat to your network than a hack.

Hacking has only increased in frequency as time has gone on, with some industries facing a tougher time than others. Healthcare, for instance, is a perennial winner when it comes to targeted hacking. Smaller clinics and doctors offices are becoming prized targets due to their often weak IT security.

Therefore, you need an IT staff or managed service provider that knows IT security.

While you may think being an SMB prevents you from being the target of a hack, underestimate the online dangers at your own peril. Hackers have become sophisticated and have saturated the internet, making your business a potential target.

Lean in towards change

Don’t be afraid to shake things up on the technology side of your business.

Being able to adapt to the changing technology landscape is critical to keeping your SMB on competitive ground. Slipping behind because you’re reluctant to update your IT system can cost you big-time in the future.

As such, you need an IT strategy that is not only able to change, but embraces it.

By leveraging more cloud services, analytic features, and applications, you can improve your IT network and therefore improve your business while reducing the risk that comes with large hardware investments.

Instead of going against the trends of IT today, lean in, and listen closely to your IT advisor. They might be onto something.

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