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Multiple monitors

By March 4, 2014No Comments

Have you thought of spending a few hundred dollars on an extra monitor – but you’re not sure if it’s worth the investment?

Or maybe you’d like to convince your boss to get a big monitor that you could connect to your laptop.

These are two commonly thought about questions. There have been many studies on this topic that have stated different increased performance percentages when installing a second monitor.

The following is a list of benefits with using a second screen –

  • Save time when working with two applications – instead of pressing Alt-Tab to switch between the two – you can position one on each monitor.
  • When working on a wide spreadsheet you can stretch it across both screens to see all the columns.
  • Easily compare documents, pictures, spreadsheets and websites to spot the differences quickly.
  • Saves on printing costs.
  • Real multi-tasking happens – the second screen gives enough room to have two or more application windows visible at the time.
  • It’s not just for desktops – notebooks can accommodate an additional screen too.


Whilst the above are great, we also need to outline the disadvantages ?

  • More opportunity for distractions
  • Reduced desk space when housing a second monitor
  • Consumes more power
  • The added cost of the screen


Now what? These days most computers (Desktops and Notebooks) have video adapters that make adding an additional screen pretty straightforward. For notebooks that don’t, there is always the option of using a docking station that will allow a second monitor to be connected.

We stock 22″ and 24″ monitors all the time and can get 27″ or bigger if requested.

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