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In the battle against cyber fraud and identity theft, we consider programs capable of machine learning to be vital in mitigating risk. Essentially, machine learning is a form of artificial intelligence written into software that can predict accurate outcomes based on detailed analysis of past events. By building algorithms that can apply statistical analysis to thousands or even billions of data points, such programs can be taught to identify potentially dangerous patterns of activity as they occur on your network. Programs with this capability have been successfully employed in fraud detection in financial services for the best part of a decade.

As an IT consulting company committed to mitigating the risks of cyber fraud, QCS Group recommend the following programs and technologies that employ machine learning to great results:

Cisco Umbrella

A cloud-based security platform that works at one of the fundamental layers of the Internet, the Domain Name System or DNS.  Once deployed, Umbrella learns what normal looks like for your device and for all devices of the same type on your network. When your device requests a connection to any IP address, that address is checked against a database that sees more than 100 billion IP requests per day, a statistically significant chunk of the entire Internet’s traffic. Known bad or highly suspicious addresses are denied a connection and a risk score is calculated for others able to be flagged to your in-house or outsourced Network Security Team to mitigate against connecting your network with malware.

Cisco Umbrella is offered in different packages to suit small, medium and large business needs.


Originally created by technologists at the University of Cambridge and ex-MI5 operators, Darktrace sets a high standard in cybercrime prevention by utilising artificial intelligence and machine learning. Their Enterprise Immune System is highly regarded for identifying ransomware and other relevant threats, and visualising how malware can move laterally through a network.

Darktrace can defeat ransomware, detect malicious insiders trying to steal information or launch an attack, realise when compromised credentials obtained through cyber fraud are used and much more.

Barracuda Networks

Regarded as a world leader in email protection, Barracuda Networks offer spam filtering and a range of products for businesses of all sizes. Concentrating on email as the number one attack vector for malware, Barracuda have developed a multi-layered approach supplemented by machine learning to protect your inbox from noted global ransomware threats such as NotPetya and WannaCry.

Security Policy Compliance Audits Ensure Your Organisation Is Secure

Your organisation can strengthen its defense against cyber crimes by undergoing security policy compliance audits. In simple terms, a compliance audit is a complete review of the in-house or regulatory guidelines an organisation operates under. Independent auditors will seek to ensure that all relevant team members demonstrate understanding and adherence to the policy specifics like securing credentials, phone security awareness and breach notifications.

Information Security Advice From QCS Group

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