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Don’t be left hanging…..

In just a couple of hours, we can have your business phone number set up to ring wherever you are  for the next 3 months or as long as you require

At QCS Group, we take the responsibility of providing communication channels to our clients very seriously. With the measures being implemented by the government currently, it appears to be inevitable that where possible, businesses will be required to have their staff working from home.

If your company is considering sending people to work from home for a few days or weeks, you’re probably wondering whether you have the phone system to make that happen.

If your phone system is not setup to support your team working remotely or let your customers find you wherever you are, you might just need a temporary solution. Today, we’re making our software based phone system available in a Lite version that we can have set up very quickly, with significantly reduced install costs. There is a guided setup as well so you can be up and running in no time.

In most cases, we can make certain your current business number will work on the new system. Even your receptionist can work from home, taking calls and distributing those calls to the other extensions within the business.

Features include:
* Video conferencing + desktop sharing
* Make and receive business calls on a mobile app (iOS & Android) and on your Windows computer (headset required)
* Ability to see the status of other extensions, regardless of where they are
* Protect your staff’s private mobile numbers
* Maintain the efficiencies of working in a normal office environment
* Conference calls

If you have any questions or would like more information, please get in touch. If you know anyone that might benefit from being able to do this, please pass this news to them.

Don’t leave it till the last minute.

The QCS Group Team

Call us on 1300 858 723

Call us on 1300 858 723


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