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QCS Group’s Cloud Voice Service allows you to evolve your communications by allowing employees to hot desk anywhere in the office.
The initial purchase cost and the expansion costs are both much lower compared to a proprietary PBX, and with QCS Group’s Cloud Voice Service, you also eliminate the cost of extra hardware, energy and management costs of a traditional PBX system.

Expand your phone system to an almost unlimited capacity and take advantage of lower call costs with our great telephone rates and free inter-office calls.

Supervisors have the ability to listen in to calls for call monitoring and training purposes. The “Whisper” feature also allows the supervisor to speak directly to an agent, giving them vital feedback whilst on a call without the customer hearing. Supervisors can even take over the call by using the “Barge” feature and assist the customer further.

Have your employees take their extension with them wherever they go and have them see the status of other users to avoid making or transferring calls unnecessarily.
It even comes with apps for both iPhone and Android phones.

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