Looking for a One Stop Computer Solutions For Your Business? We can help!

QCS Group, a Brisbane computer solutions company, offers complete computer solutions like installation, build and maintenance. We also specialize in designing custom computer systems based on your specific needs.

We understand that not all the businesses have expertise in the technological field and computers can get really tricky at times.

To avoid any breakdown or issue and to avoid delay in your work, you need to align with a team that can provide instant solutions to your technical problems.

Let us handle your IT department and get assistance for your computer repairs anytime and anywhere. Our experts are just a call away. They will analyze your systems and will accordingly assist you in resolving it. If repairs cannot be performed, they offer cost-effective alternatives.

The Leading  Brisbane Computer Solutions Company Offers Services


  • Get computer installations done by trained technicians at your home.
  • Need assistance or any technical support, give us a call, we ensure your problems are solved in 24 hours
  • Want a wireless network setup, we’ll get it done for you.
  • Troubleshooting any other computer or network related issue


  • We provide certified engineers for computer installation in a business organization.
  • Smart server and network support.
  • Our computer solutions also provide remote access.
  • Cloud Computing Solutions with restriction-free data sharing and transfer.
  • Network connected printing setup.
  • Class-leading customer support and cost-effective packages.


Instant Support

As your IT partner, we value time and we know what kind of havoc a technological breakdown can wreak upon your business. Just give us a call and our technician will be there to assist you in no time.

A User-Friendly Troubleshooting

Not every business knows yin and yang of computing, in the wake of an uncertain event, our team will troubleshoot the problem and will discuss the same with you in an easy and friendly manner so that, you can fix it up temporarily while our team reaches you.

No Downtime and Backend Service Support

Bringing a precious system offline could be a costly affair, hence, we will ensure that all the maintenance is carried out during the off hours.

Also, our team will be visiting you on the weekends for any service that you may need and to analyze the system for any possible loopholes that may bring down the whole operation.

Being the best Brisbane Computer Solutions firm, we work in a whole different way that guarantees ultimate customer satisfaction, separating us from the competitors.

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