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The new era of IT support has changed the way IT consulting is delivered. What used to be a break-fix model has transitioned to  managed service providers who consistently monitor a business’ technology. This new model is not only more efficient in terms of keeping a business up-and-running, but also provides SMBs with an affordable way to maintain their IT.

Break-Fix Model

This outdated approach of IT support addressed issues after it was too late. Once a problem occurred, the organisation would contact their IT consulting firm to send out a technician. This not only wasted time for businesses while the technician travelled on-site, then had to figure out how to solve the problem but also drove up costs because of the pricing model. The more issues a company had in one month, the more costly their bill would be while using the break-fix model.

Managed Service Providers

Fortunately, MSPs offered a new form of IT consulting that provides increased value to SMBs. Rather than waiting for an issue to occur, this model takes a proactive approach towards monitoring technology and solving small issues before they develop into larger, more costly ones. In addition, this model provides businesses of any size the opportunity to access the same benefits as a large corporation because of the fixed-fee pricing model. No matter how many issues occur, the price remains the same.

The shift from a break-fixed model to managed service providers has improved efficiency and reduced costs for organisations. Businesses as small as 10 employees can now afford an MSP and have peace of mind knowing their technology is being monitored and remains secure. If your organisation is looking to hire or change to a new Managed Services Provider, have a QCS representative contact you today to get started.

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