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Beware the CryptoLocker virus!!

By March 30, 2015No Comments

I hope you haven’t seen this on your computer…

We?re seeing a sharp increase in CryptoLocker infections on people?s networks lately. It’s a virus that encrypts files on your local computer and network. The only way to recover the files is to restore from backups. It usually isn’t detected by antivirus or malware applications. Once the infection occurs, you cannot access the files and even paying the ransom is extremely unlikely to be effective. In fact, paying the ransom also opens you up to identity theft.

The only recovery is to restore from backup. Please check that your current backup regime is working as it should. Be very careful in opening up any attachment as most people affected report that it was an attachment to an email purportedly from Telstra, Australia Post or one of the banks. Others report clicking on a link which then infects your network. Once infected, you will get a popup saying your files are encrypted and demanding a ransom to get them back.

It?s crucial to understand that this is an extremely dangerous virus. If your data isn?t adequately backed up, this could result in the complete loss of your files and potentially even your business.

If we host your domain, we have filters on the email that comes through to you but no system is foolproof. If we don?t host your domain, we?d be happy to work with you to make that change and at least get some sort of protection. If you?re not sure who hosts your domain, ask us and we can tell you quite quickly.

Whilst we have filters on the email, it?s still extremely important to be careful. The main thing is to use common sense. Don?t open .zip files from anyone and don?t click on links in emails. Clearly, it?s unlikely that Telstra or the ANZ are going to send a .zip file detailing your latest transaction.

If you have any questions on the Cryptolocker virus or any other aspect of your IT, please don?t hesitate to ask one of the team.

Stuart Auld

Stuart Auld is a Director and Partner in QCS Group. He has 20 years experience in the IT and Communications fields. Passionate about gadgets and tech (and motorcycles and travel)

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