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Barracuda Spam Filter Management

We have recently implemented a Spam and virus filter on your domain. It is a cloud based service and features the latest technology available in protecting networks from spam and viruses. Please take the time to read the information below explaining how to make the most of the powerful features in the filtering system.

You will receive regular emails from us informing you of any email caught in the filter. That email will be sent from and will look just like that in the image below. Please be sure to check your Junk Mail folder in Outlook to ensure our notification email doesn’t inadvertently get delivered there. To be sure, please add to your Safe Senders list in Outlook.

The link (outlined in red above) at the bottom of the email will take you to your Administrator page. Please note that this is the Administrator login for your own email address, NOT for the entire domain. That will take you to the page below.

On this page, you can choose to Deliver, Whitelist or Delete emails that have been quarantined. The fact they are in this list doesn’t mean they are carrying viruses or are spam; merely that they have been flagged as suspicious and quarantined for your safety. The implications of each action are below:


This will permanently delete the email from the quarantine area. It is unrecoverable and future email from that email address will continue to be caught and quarantined.


This will release the selected email and deliver it to your Inbox and allow future email from that sender to be delivered directly to you next time it arrives


This will release the selected email and deliver it to your Inbox just this once


This will allow you to preview the email without taking any further action. Once you've viewed it, you can then choose which of the relevant actions to take.

Under the Preferences tab, there are additional settings that allow you to fine tune the delivery and management of your email.

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