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Application Form Terms & Conditions

You are reading these Terms and Conditions as part of the application form you have received from QCS Group.
These Terms and Conditions are not to be used with any other service/s unless specified otherwise in the QCS Group application form.

By signing the form you received from QCS Group, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

QCS Group agrees to provide the selected services described in this agreement

QCS Group will endeavour to meet all client requirements regarding this service during the course of this contract.

You agree to purchase the selected product/s in this application form.

Minimum contract term of 12 months applies

Upon expiration of this contract, you will be given notification and an option to renew.

Early termination fee, calculated by the monthly access fee times the remaining contract term, applies for early termination of the service.

Support is available during business hours only (8:30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays).

Support is chargeable at normal business rates during business hours. All other hours are charged at after-hour rates.

QCS Group can NOT be held liable for any loss of data or revenue stemming from the use of these services.

Documentation regarding the service ordered, for the purpose of setup or providing portal access, will be provided upon completion.

QCS has a strict 7 days payment period unless other arrangements with QCS Group have been made. Barring and/or Termination of service will apply if payment is not made within the payment period.
QCS Group and its agents or subcontractors shall not divulge confidential customer information associated with the service provided to any third-party without the customer?s consent. However, QCS Group shall bear no responsibility for disclosure where such information or data is publicly available, is already in the possession of QCS Group, is known to them, or is obtained from a third-party.

QCS Group is the owner of the intellectual property that it uses in its provision of this service to you. Client agrees to, and will endeavour to preserve the rights of QCS Group in all matters of intellectual property from loss or theft and allow access to its facilities to ensure its removal.

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