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ACCC issues a warning about an email scam circulating

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Read this email that came from the ACCC last week, warning of a new scam doing the rounds. Obviously, most suppliers won’t send an email with new bank account details in it. When we’ve made changes to our bank details, we advise clients that our bank details have changed and to refer to the latest invoice.

Keep your guard up. There’s always a new one coming out and they’re getting better at it too.

From: Franchising Code ACCC
Sent: Wednesday, 21 January 2015 2:54 PM
Subject: ACCC issues an invoice email scam warning [SEC=UNCLASSIFIED]

Dear FIN subscriber

ACCC issues an invoice email scam warning

?The ACCC is warning Australian businesses to beware of an invoice email scam.

The scam involves scammers pretending to be legitimate suppliers advising changes to payment arrangements.

Scammers hack into vendor and/or supplier email accounts and obtain information such as customer lists, bank details and previous invoices. Your business then receives an email, supposedly from a vendor, requesting a wire transfer to a new or different bank account.

The email may look to be from a genuine supplier and often copies a business?s logo and message format. It may also contain links to?websites that are convincing fakes of the real company?s homepage or links to the real homepage itself.

For tips on how to protect your business, visit the SCAMwatch website and read our SCAMwatch radar.

Small Business team

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC)



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