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For any modern business, technology plays a central role. There are some necessary technology tasks that are best outsourced to managed IT service providers. It’s a cost-effective option that provides the support you need, without the overhead associated with dedicated IT staff. Here are some of the IT services that small business need, but may not have the budget or human resources to handle on their own.

IT Infrastructure

Infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) is a service model that allows small and midsize businesses to outsource equipment like hardware, software, and network systems to a provider, saving thousands or even millions on equipment costs and labor costs.

Constructing your own IT infrastructure is an expensive undertaking. It requires not only a large budget for purchasing and housing equipment, but also utility costs for electricity, and dedicated IT staff to manage it. Outsourcing infrastructure through an IaaS model can significantly reduce your overall costs, while still providing the services that your business needs.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud computing is a great way to allow your staff to access information from anywhere, and to collaborate effectively with remote workers and freelancers. Hosting your own cloud system in-house is quite costly, so most businesses in Brisbane use a local managed IT service company for cloud services.

Cloud environments allow enhanced productivity, with good security and built-in disaster recovery that keeps your data protected from hardware and software failures. It’s also highly scalable, meaning it’s well-suited to growing businesses whose storage needs may increase in the future.

On-Site Computer Services

Blue screens of death and workstations that won’t boot can be a nightmare. When systems are down, productivity slows to a halt, and revenue is lost. That’s why it’s a good idea for small and medium size businesses to contract with IT service providers who offer on-site computer services when needed. Many computer problems are complex, and require advanced knowledge to troubleshoot and fix. This might be beyond even your most tech-savvy employees area of expertise, which is why having IT experts available is so important.

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Here’s a scary statistic: according to a recent study from the University of QLD, 43% of businesses that suffer an unfortunate data loss event never reopen afterward. A further 50% shut down within two years. That means 94% of businesses who lose their data without a backup don’t survive the event intact. You can avoid that contingency with an outsourced backup and disaster recovery service.

Hardware and software failures, malware, or other contingencies could potentially wipe out mission critical data. Having a backup plan in place can help your business face these kind of situations without losing substantial data and revenue. IT companies can provide backup services for you, copying your important files and storing them in a safe location in case you need to recover them later.

IT Services for Small Businesses in Brisbane & Ipswich

At QCS Group, we provide a comprehensive selection of outsourced IT services for small and midsize businesses in Brisbane and Ipswich. To find out more about what we can do for your business, reach out to us any time at 1300 858 723, or fill out our online contact form to get in touch.

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