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BDR or Backup and Disaster Recovery is a standard archiving solution that retrieves information and data which might get tampered or deleted. BDR acts as an insurance for your information. Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution protects information from being lost further keeping a check on equipment failure or robbery. Here are four principal benefits of Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution powered by QCS Group.

1. Quick data backup and reduced recovery time

Generally,  in the cases of loss of an important data or information loss, it takes several months to replace the lost files. This may affect your relationship with the clients in terms of trust and credibility. Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution can help you to bounce back more quickly.

2. Keep company’s reputation intact in front of partners and clients

Severe outages and downtime are not limited to financial loss for any business. The extended term of downtime can lead to increased expenses further influencing the reputation of company negatively. Partners and clients could lose faith in a business as the company may fail to live up to the commitments due to downtime. The utilisation of Backup and Disaster Recovery solution for your partners and clients will ensure that they do not face a loss in reputation irrespective of prolonged duration of downtime.

3. Maintain employee reputation and capacity to generate revenue

When an organisation is unable to retain business operations like before, facing a monetary loss is quite obvious. Backup and disaster recovery solution helps the company to maintain a profitable business, thereby, serving their clients and generating income despite of the disaster or disruption.

4. Don’t let your competitors overtake business

During the phase of downtime, you are likely to witness a tough competition in the market. Hence, you should retain your existing clients before they are approached by your competitors. This is precisely where Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution ensures that organisations do not let a competitor overtake its business in the event of major disaster and downtime.

The organisations that need to recover their important data and information quickly, need a backup and disaster recovery solution. The advantages of backup and disaster recovery solution are much better than a rapid data recovery. Organisations that adopt this approach and solution to recover lost data are able to withstand disruption and eliminate the negative effects of severe outages and downtime.

At QCS Group, we believe in helping your organisation to address the issues pertaining to  data loss and disaster recovery. We guarantee that your lost information is retrieved with the help of our Backup and disaster recovery solution. This will further make sure that your company remains profitable while keeping its operations and reputation intact. Our Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution is committed to work with your company to support the business continuity design and the virtualisation of your system, so that your business will be up and running again in minutes. Our team will help you configure the right backup solution and resolve issues after a clear analysis of the situation. In case, you are looking for a reliable  Backup and Disaster Recovery solution.

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