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Selecting a managed service provider to partner with is a big decision and should not be taken lightly. Many companies heavily rely on technology to conduct business. From phone calls and emails to data storage and server availability, technology integration and reliability are important aspects of daily operations.

As business grows and companies scale, outsourcing IT becomes logical in order to focus on improving the business as a whole. Managed service providers take over all IT operations which can save costs and improve security. If you are looking for an MSP to partner with whether you’ve just decided to outsource IT or you’re unhappy with your current provider, we’ve put together a list of common mistakes companies make for you to take into consideration.

1. Settling for Less

While low costs are attractive, quality of service is more important. Don’t make the mistake of settling for less, especially when it comes to your IT service provider. Ask in advance about the type of support provided and make sure you partner with an MSP that provides both on-site and remote support. Don’t be afraid verify that they will be providing all of the services you need. Also take into consideration their work ethic and communication.

2. Neglecting Compliance

Each industry has different regulatory compliance rules and it is important that your managed service provider is aware and fully equipped to follow all compliance regulations. In the healthcare industry, all patient data must abide by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). If your MSP is not aware of the compliance rules for your industry or if they are not prepared to verify that your data will follow regulation, you should seek a more experienced provider. Companies that neglect compliance could end up in an expensive lawsuit.

3. Signing too Quickly

Although it may be exciting when you think you’ve found the right IT service provider, you don’t want to jump the gun too quickly. One mistake companies make is failing to address whether the MSP is engaged enough from day one. Your potential partner should be asking tons of questions in order to fully understand your business and provide the right service. Be aware of the questions being asked as well as how in-depth they are and if they truly paint the picture of your business overall.

Taking these three mistakes into account can improve your selection process of the right managed service provider. Remember that your IT is a critical part of your business and decisions like this should not be rushed. An MSP should be a trusted partner that works with you to develop a custom solution that is right for your business.

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