Notebook scoop purchase

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We’ve taken advantage of a scoop purchase on the HP Pro X2?series notebook.


We’ve got very limited numbers of this fantastic notebook for only $999.

It comes with a detachable screen so you can use it as a tablet. It’s installed with Windows 10 Professional for business use.

Key features:

  • As a tablet, it only weighs 850g. Even with the keyboard attached, it’s still only around 1.2kg.
  • It enjoys an impressive battery life of around 10 hours, depending on the type of use.
  • No fan so it’s nice and quiet
  • Onboard SD card reader
  • 256gb SSD hard drive

This represents great buying. There are definitely only limited numbers and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

The EOFY is getting close. It’s a great time to take advantage of the instant tax write off available to small business.

Ask the team about our great pricing on business workstations as well.

The Encryptor that’s making the world “WannaCry”

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By now, you will have heard about the massive outbreak of an encryptor called WannaCry. It?s received plenty of attention on both local and international news outlets in the last couple of days; with good reason.

It?s estimated that 81000 computers were infected in the first 12 hours. It crippled the UK?s NHS as well as the Spanish telco Telefonica. It?s also severely affected Russia, Ukraine and India, with at least 74 countries affected in total so far. It came into the networks via computers that were either outdated or had not had security patches installed.

This has been a fairly targeted attack which is good news in that it?s unlikely that your business will be specifically targeted. However, the critical thing is that we don?t become complacent about backups and data security. One infected computer means it can spread across your entire network.

Ways to defend yourself:

? Install any outstanding Windows updates. There?s probably never been a more important time to do this. Do this NOW, this morning. If you?re unsure on how to do this or worried it could impact your network, get in touch with our tech team and in most cases, they can assist.
? Make sure your backups are up to date and able to be restored
? Make sure your backups are up to date and able to be restored
? Make sure your backups are up to date and able to be restored
? I deliberately put that in three times because that?s how important it is. Did I mention ?Make sure your backups are up to date and able to be restored??
? Use removable media to take the backups offsite and DON?T leave them connected to the computer. If they?re connected, they will become infected as well, meaning you?ll have backups but they will be useless for data recovery. Best practice is to have a rotation schedule in place so there are always backups somewhere else in case of fire, theft or infections such as this
? Use a reliable anti-virus. We recommend Trend Micro and have done so for many years now. We find it to be the least obtrusive option whilst remaining user friendly
? Use a Spam & Virus Filter such as our Barracuda product to filter compromised emails BEFORE they hit your network. For more info, have a quick look at

If the worst happens and your network becomes infected, an up to date backup means there?s an inconvenience to your business while the data is restored. Ineffective or non-existent backups will undoubtedly result in a catastrophe. Recent studies have indicated that 60% of companies that suffer a major data loss will close their doors within 6 months of such an event.

If you?re not sure how your backups are right now, why not ask our team to check your systems today? As you can appreciate, there is a lot of inquiry right now but we will be able to check your systems for you and make recommendations very quickly.

The QCS Team

Christmas and the Crims

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Hi everyone,

Christmas is almost here (only 25 more sleeps!!!) and the bad guys are reaching for our wallets again.

There has been an explosion in the number of malicious emails doing the rounds in the last week or so. To give you an idea, yesterday our mail filters flagged 91% of all email coming through as malicious or spam, with only 9% classed as legitimate. See the graph below.


Some customers have been unlucky enough to click on the links within and the results have been catastrophic. As with most things, prevention is better than cure. Make sure that your staff are all aware of the potential consequences of clicking on these links and just delete them without clicking anything.

QCS Group provide some tools that reduce the risk of these outbreaks. Many of our clients have taken up our Barracuda Spam & Virus Filter. This tool prefilters the email BEFORE it comes into your network. It?s well worth a look. It?s extremely affordable and easy to manage. Click here for more information. Plans start from as little as $14 per month.

A good anti virus solution is also imperative. Our preferred vendor in this field is Trend Micro. It?s extremely effective and unlike many other applications, it doesn?t consume huge amounts of computer resources while running.

Backups are critical, for EVERY business, regardless of size. Whether it?s a fire or a ransomware virus or a burglary, you have to be able to restore your data quickly and accurately in a worst case scenario. It?s worth having a thorough check of your backups. It?s not only the process of backing up that is important; you have to make sure you?re backing up the RIGHT data. When was the last time you did a test restore of your backed up data?

Of course, no solutions are foolproof. The weakest link is always human intervention. Call us on 1300 858 723 if you have any questions about any emails that you?re not sure about.

The QCS Team



Fords Autonomous Car

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1471388341525Driving is something that nearly every person on the earth does. It takes a lot of concentration to ensure a smooth trip and even then, sometimes you trip can take a wild turn. So how would you feel driving in a car that has no visible controls, let alone a steering wheel? Would you put you life in the hands of an computerised automotive?

Ford has been testing autonomous vehicles for more than 10 years and now it looks like they?re going to target the ride sharing market. In the next 4 years, Ford has proposed that they will have a high-volume, fully autonomous SAE level-4 capable vehicle in commercial operation, and incase you didn’t know what SAE level 4 is, its the car being able to drive itself independently in most environments, but sometimes humans may need to take over. Its the step below your car being a complete robot?and you just tell the car where to go. (SAE Level 5)

But to have a further look at what Ford says, click the link to their page.



The drones are coming…..

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The drones are coming??

An article today from our friends at IT Wire?drudrone_creative

Domino?s pizza company has joined with the global leader in drone deliveries, Flirtey, in a demonstration in New Zealand of the trial commercial pizza delivery service it plans to launch in the country in coming months.

The trial of the first Civil Aviation Authority-authorised commercial drone delivery service in the world in Auckland on Thursday was watched by the New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority and the Minister of Transport, Simon Bridges, and marked a final step of Flirtey?s approval process to operate the drones in compliance with the CAA?s civil aviation rules.

Domino?s and?Flirtey?say their aim is to connect people with pizza via CAA-approved trial store-to-door drone deliveries from a selected Domino?s New Zealand store. Flights to customer homes are set to commence later this year following the beginning of daylight saving in New Zealand.

Domino?s?is also looking at opportunities for drone delivery trials in its six other markets ? Australia, Belgium, France, The Netherlands, Japan and Germany.

NSW P-platers

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Heads up for anyone that has friends or family in NSW?.

It seems that the NSW Government new legislation means that NSW P-Plater Drivers cannot uCapture2se their smart phones as a GPS anymore. Alternatively they will have to purchase a GPS to be able to locate where they are going electronically from now one. Full details are in the story below.

Netflix Email Scam

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Good Morning,

Another malicious email is on the loose at the moment. This time targeting Netflix Members,
aiming to steal your credentials.?Capture

These emails are extremely convincing and link you to a page that is almost identical to the Netflix page. The picture to the right is an image of?what the email and page may look like. Make sure that you are being aware and cautious with your emails so you do not become a target of this scam.

If anything shows up unexpectedly, feel free to contact us on 1300 858 723 to check.

Free Windows 10 Upgrade

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Please note that the Free Upgrade to Windows 10 offer from Microsoft will cease as of July 29th, 2016. ?Win-10

While we definitely recommend taking advantage of this offer, there are a number of new Windows Update features customers should be aware of.

By default, Windows 10 now downloads and installs updates automatically. If a reboot is required as part of an update, that may happen automatically too. Once updates have been downloaded, Windows 10 has the ability to send them to other computers, both on your local network and the internet.

Customers who have limited bandwidth/quota internet plans may want to keep an eye on their data usage to avoid any excess charges and/or speed shaping.

Although these auto update settings are on by default, most can be changed quite easily and our techs will be happy to provide assistance if required.

If you would like any further clarification in regards to this email, please contact us on 1300 858 723.

Beware the latest email scam

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Good afternoon,

Malicious emails are well and truly on the loose again at the moment.AGL

Many people?have?been caught out. The bad guys keep getting smarter and their fake emails are getting harder to distinguish from the real thing.

The image to the right is an example of how the email is likely to look. As always though, be careful of any emails that turn up unexpectedly and call us on 1300858723 if you’re unsure. Better to be safe than sorry.


QCS Group ready to launch NBN plans in Caboolture and surrounds

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nbn largeWe’re very happy to announce that finally the NBN is going live in large parts of the Caboolture area.

Federal Member for Longman and Assistant Minister for Innovation, Wyatt Roy, announced today that the NBN will “go live” in and around Caboolture in the next few weeks. It doesn’t mean everyone will be able to get it but if you can, it will be a big improvement from what most people have had for the last few years.

Part of Wyatt’s announcement is below. It details the rollout schedule for the various areas.

For your business, it means that all sorts of new technology will be available to you. Things such as cost effective and reliable VoIP services, offsite backups of your data and all sorts of cloud services.

We have some great NBN plans starting from $59.50. Get in touch now and find out if it’s available at your address. Don’t get left behind.

Wyatt’s announcement is below:

Wyatt Roy

Wyatt Roy

“From February 19-26, the NBN will be activated for about 23,300 homes and businesses across Caboolture, Upper Caboolture, Bellmere, Wamuran, Moodlu and north of Caboolture to Elimbah.

On March 11, another 11,600 premises on Bribie Island will have NBN access, as well as 3500 households and businesses ahead of schedule at Ningi, Godwin Beach and Sandstone Point.

A further 2100 premises in Beachmere and Ningi ? ahead of schedule ? are due to ?go live? by mid-May this year.

The next step for those at NBN-ready addresses is to contact a retail service provider who will organise a plan and your?connection to the superfast broadband network.

There?s more to come, with NBN construction due to start in many other local areas soon.”


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